Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buoy?

Buoy is a financial service company built for modern workers. We believe in stabilizing paychecks for gig workers, freelancers, and shift workers. With Buoy, you don't have to guess what your paycheck is going to be. We calculate your average pay, and offer no-interest cash top-offs when you don't earn as much. You pay us back when your earn more than your average.

What does Buoy cost?

It's currently free to sign up for early access to Buoy.

Will Buoy support my bank?

Buoy will support thousands of banks in the US and Canada. There's a very good chance your bank will be accepted.

Is Buoy secure?

Buoy uses Plaid ↗ to connect your bank(s) and update your transactions and balances. All information passed between the Plaid infrastructure and financial institutions is encrypted from end-to-end.

Does it work on Android and Apple smartphones?

Yes, we're building Buoy so that it works no matter what device you use.