Our mission:
financial stability for everyone

We started Buoy because the economy isn't working the same for everyone. The modern worker is helping define the future, but they're being left in the dust by their employers. Unstable paychecks make it hard for anyone to stay afloat financially and the current solutions aren't helping. Payday loans come with crippling interest rates and employer driven on-demand pay doesn't put you in control.

Financial stability is our priority

Payday loans put workers in a hole. By smoothing out your income, Buoy helps you plan ahead for bills and unexpected expenses. We think that's a major step in the right direction on the road to financial security.

Regular on-demand pay is a band-aid

It's great to get cash ahead of payday on-demand from your employer, but it's always on their terms. Without an average pay to base that advance on, sometimes than little cash boost ends up hurting more than helping.

Want to know more?

Buoy is brand new company, so please do some more research before you sign up.

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