Say goodbye to income instability

Extra money when your pay is low, interest-free. Intelligent savings when your pay is high. Buoy doesn’t just help you stay afloat- we help you thrive.

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Buoy is built for modern workers

We're a new kind of financial services company using intelligent technology to make it easier than ever for gig workers, shift workers, part-timers, and even freelancers, to earn a steady living.

Start smoothing out your paychecks

Take home the same amount of money every month even when you earn less. Avoid late fees, overdraft fees, and high-interest loans.

Start building your credit score

Buoy helps you fix bad credit and improve your credit score to help boost your borrowing potential and lower interest rates.

Get paid on your own terms

We give you access to your paycheck when you want it. It's like an advance on your average salary, so we know you're good for it.

Honest Pricing

Free for the first 30 days. Then just $10/month. Cancel anytime you want.

High Security Standards

Our product is encrypted end-to-end with the same technology as your bank.

Dedicated Support

Talk to a real support person whenever you need help.

Want to know more?

Buoy is brand new company, so please do some more research before you sign up.

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